Remote Controlled Demolition Robots

The Brokk demolition robots' distinctive small design and exceptional performance make them suitable for a wide range of applications in sectors such as construction, metal processing, nuclear, and underground. The machine's compact design allows it to outperform larger excavators. Because it features an electronic motor, hazardous emissions may be readily avoided. Nonetheless, depending on the use and requirements, various Brokk models might be supplied with a diesel motor. Old approaches can be readily replaced with Brokk technology, which is significantly safer and faster.

Brokk technology prioritises safety and performance while accessing small, risky, and difficult-to-reach regions. Time management and losses due to unanticipated shutdowns can result in significant costs for businesses; thus, every Brokk machine is designed with stability and long-term performance in mind.

Brokk Sweden is a firm that is solely committed to manufacturing Brokk machines for a variety of industries, and it celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016.


Brokk machines may be outfitted with a broad variety of tools to make them as efficient and adaptable as feasible. The most often utilised attachments are the hydraulic breaker, concrete crusher, and bucket, but various types of sorting grapples, scabblers, and drilling equipment are becoming increasingly popular. New tools are always being developed to improve the machine's profitability.

Brokk Machines Attachment - Breakers


Brokk Machines Attachment - Side Angling Device

Side Angling Device

Brokk Machines Attachment - Concrete Crushers

Concrete Crushers

Brokk Machines Attachment - Metal Shears

Metal Shears

Brokk Machines Attachment - Buckets


Brokk Machines Attachment - Clamshell Buckets

Clamshell Buckets

Brokk Machines Attachment - Multi Purpose Grapples

Multi Purpose Grapples

Brokk Machines Attachment - Demolition Grapples

Demolition Grapples

Brokk Machines Attachment - Sorting Grapples

Sorting Grapples

Brokk Machines Attachment - Scabblers


Brokk Machines Attachment - Planers


Brokk Machines Attachment - Drilling Equipment

Drilling Equipment

Brokk Machines Attachment - Beam Grapple

Beam Grapple

Brokk Machines Attachment - Shot Crete

Shot Crete

Brokk Machines Attachment - Cut Off Saw

Cut Off Saw

Brokk Machines Attachment - Splitters